Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

A lot of us tend to pretend as if we aren’t aware of how unhealthy are lifestyles are, most of us end up eating out rather than cooking our own meals, and we don’t keep track of the kind of calories we are consuming. If you have been moving towards a healthier lifestyle, you will feel yourself being more energetic and alert. However, if you have been healthy for a while, exercising regularly and yet not losing weight, you’re probably beginning to feel demotivated. We can explore through a few potential reasons why you might not be losing weight.

  • You should find out if you have a medical issue that could probably be preventing you from losing weight. Conditions related to the thyroid gland or PCOS etc. are common reasons behind weight gain as well as the inability to lose weight.
  • You need to assess the amount of calories you are taking in. Even if you are consuming healthy calories, going over the set daily caloric intake (2000-2200 calories) can also prevent you from gaining weight.
  • If you have a slow metabolism, you’re going to take longer than everyone else to lose weight, this is especially true if your body isn’t used to regular exercising. So, you will have to give it time before your metabolism speeds up.
  • If you happen to have a very restrictive diet, in some cases, can end up preventing you from losing weight, especially if this is being done for a long period of time since your body adjusts to the restrictive calories.
  • You are either taking no supplements or are taking the wrong ones.

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