What is VGA? Get Detailed Information

Going into the local electronic store can be a daunting experience for many individuals who are not tech savvy as there is a wide variety of accessories in the market for each product. From corporate buildings to residential properties, each place is filled with latest gadgets and devices that need some form of cables to turn on their power. Depending upon the time period each device was released it would have certain ports and sockets that could be plugged into them. In large swaths of computing devices VGA ports are installed that are used to show display on the screen.

First introduced in 1987, these video cables are still found in the latest devices because of their originality and straight-forward mechanism. Unlike modern display ports such as HDMI, this traditional method is subjected to the least amounts of bugs and dysfunctions. The pins in the opening edge of each VGA cord contains anywhere from 14 to 15 pins, with each metallic pin serving unique functions. Even if one the protruding pins is damaged you might get glitches on the screen and a disruption in the video quality. If you are not sure how to convert VGA to HDMI, then you can get well-written guide on the website of Technical for Web now.

The male end of the cord goes into the female port in a computer or CPU in order to establish the connection. VGA cables are analogue in nature that sometimes makes them redundant in the latest devices. Gone are the days when VGA cables were only available in 640×480 screen resolution options, as nowadays you can get full HD results with any latest model in the market. Most producers of electronic items are still coming up with VGA cable models that can fit well in the old devices.