Verdict on The Steroids Called Anabol

One thing that we would like to emphasize on before we move on to the topic is that the use of steroids to build muscles just to work out or to get a better body image for yourself can be done but it is not natural because steroids are not natural at all and they should be used for medical purposes only but sadly that is not the case. If you are taking Anabol then you need to be ready for side effects of Anabol.

Helps in Protein Processing

The steroid makes sure that the protein that is taken in becomes a part of the body which leads to muscle building.

Helps in Nitrogen Retention

As it helps to keep the nitrogen level low in the body, muscles do not get wasted or are not loss easily.

Helps in Bulking

As we mentioned earlier on, it is a fantastic bulking agent which is why it became so popular among athletes and body builders in the first place. It gives an easy and fast way to build muscles which people enjoy.

Bad For Blood Pressure

It has been studied that this particular steroid can harm the cardiovascular health as it causes the blood pressure to rise a lot which can lead to severe hearth problems.

Bad For Testosterone Production

Taking this steroid, the natural process of the body of testosterone production would be effected i.e. body would not produce the right amount of testosterone naturally anymore once the individual stops taking this steroid which is unnatural and harmful.

Bad For Cholesterol Levels

Another severe side effect of this steroid is that it has adverse side effects on the cholesterol of a person as it increases the bad LDL cholesterol and stops the god HDL cholesterol.