Tips About Bone Crushing in Meat And Bone Grinders

People who do not own pets and do not know anything about dogs might be confused about the bone crushing part of the people but they should know that bones are important part of a dog’s meal and it should be included in every meal but should not equal to more than 10% of the meal. If you are wondering why it is necessary to feed dogs bones then you should know that like human beings, dogs require calcium too and the best and natural way to give that is to include ground bones in their meals.

You should invest in a good grinder as it is a kitchen tool for dog food that allows the crushing of bones and you can put in bones of fish, poultry, rodent and rabbits and the best are the chicken’s wings, rib cage, neck and back. Never attempt to grind large bones in the grinder because it will absolutely break the grinder and the rule is to grind bones that are equal to the size of your thumb. If you have a large bone that you wish to give to your animal then it is not necessary to grind it, you can just give it to the animal to gnaw on. It is important to grind the bones twice in the meat grinder and use a finer steel plate in the last grind. You can always ask your butcher for recommendation on how to grind the bones. If you are worried about the marrow or tissue present inside the bone then you should know that it is healthy to be consumed by your pet and would not create any sort of problem. Another thing to remember is to never cook the bone and you shoud just grind or give it raw.