Time For a Bag

So, you decided to pick up golf but weren’t prepared for the physical exercise that comes with it. You may have seen the sport on TV or through mainstream media and thought it looked fun, you’ve come to learn that it’s a pretty fancy sport for the more higher-class citizens. But what you didn’t come to expect that there would be so much physical walking involved in order to get from point A to point B and not only do you have to walk the distance of a football field but you also have to do so while carrying your bag which holds all of your golf clubs.

To make things a bit easier, it would be wise to drop the clubs you find yourself not using as often as others. Having a more minimalistic approach to golf is not a bad thing or something to be looked down upon. You might actually find yourself improving efficiently in your golfing skills if you use clubs not specifically designed for each situation so that once you do actually use the right club, you’ll have the right feel for it immediately. Until then, you can stick with only carrying the bare essentials needed to golf.

But even those necessities can take up a lot of space and are not exactly easy to carry across a full 18-hole golfing course that can span thousands of acres. But there are also golf bags known as Sunday golf bags that have been designed with the sole purpose of transporting a minimalistic number of clubs. These bags are pretty light-weight and also happen to have flexible construction. They can be folded or rolled for storage and some of them even have compartments for other essentials of plays like tees, balls etc. You can find good list of them at http://hittingthegolfball.com/best-sunday-golf-bags/.