The Right And Healthy Way to Consume Manuka Honey

Everyone knows how good manuka honey is and how many health and medicinal benefits it comes with. People talk about it so much that they forget that there is still a dosage to be followed for this type of a rich diet in your daily diet.

Good or Bad?

Ever heard of the saying that too much of something good can actually be a bad? Well, it is very true. There is always a balance of harmony in nature that you should not disturb. Similarly, there is a balance of nutrition in your daily diet that you should not disturb either.

Too Much Manuka Honey

Usually what happens when you consume too much of this honey is that your body overdoses on certain chemicals produced by it which can aggravate certain conditions. It can also increase your cholesterol levels as well as the sugar and stored fats in your body.

The Dosage

There is no need to be afraid of it, though. You can still continue to consume manuka honey, even daily, if you want. It tastes really good, it is a good sweetener and it has a lot of benefits when taken up in the right amount.

To avoid any of the situations caused by taking too much, you should just stick to eating one tea-spoon of it a day. This will provide your body with the right nutrition without making it dependent on it or overdosing it.

Unless you have a specific condition and you consult someone and they suggest you a higher dosage, you can just stick to this. And if you have to deal with the age factor or diabetes, you should consume even lesser.

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