The Pros And Cons of Condo Living

Since so many city dwellers have to choose between living in a condo and living in an apartment, we’ve made it a tad easier to understand what’s good and what might be bad for you if you’re living in a high quality condo building like Keystone Condos.


-Convenient Location
. If your motive to move into the city is so that you have access to all the major spots that downtown Toronto has to offer, then living in a condo trumps living in an apartment any day. There are many condos near Downtown and Keystone Condos is just one.

Cost Effective. Though you’ll hear some people tell you that condos are very expensive because you have to pay high amounts in fees, these fees and your mortgage for the condo are usually the same amount if not lesser than the rent you would pay for an apartment in the same area. Since you own the condo, we think that it’s a better investment.

The Life. If you have a small family then a condo offers you the most perfect and relaxed lifestyle; everything is taken care of for you through your condo fees and there are many communal recreational facilities in the building for you to use to unwind and even socialise.


-Taxes. Since your condo is your own property, you are liable to pay property taxes for it. This is something that’s worth mentioning if you’re looking to live in a condo building such as Keystone Condos.

Compromise on Space. Due to the number of units that are built into one building, most condos only have up to 2 bedrooms. This makes them ideal for some people but if you have a large family then you might not be too happy with the lack of space.