The Love Your Dog Needs

Dogs are fiercely loyal and protective creatures but above and beyond everything, they are very emotionally intelligent. This is why dogs need love for their health and well-being. Even if a dog gets good food and exercise but are neglected by their owners at the end of the day, they can still get very depressed, just like human beings do. If you love your dog and want what’s best for them, you’ll never want your dog to get depressed.

Ideally, you should give your dog an hour of quality time daily, during which you can take your dog for walks, play with them or even just sit down and with them and watch a movie with them. If you love your dog and are willing to free up your schedule for them, they’re going to live a long and healthy life.

Asides from giving your dogs the love they deserve, you need to monitor their diet as well. Yes, dogs and carnivores but that doesn’t mean that you should just throw them your scraps of meat. You should feed your dog a balanced diet with vegetables as well. If your dog is picky eater, you can get a packaged dog food for them as well you can learn more about what food would be best for your dog at If you really want to make your dog feel special, you may even cook them a nice meal.

The second thing your dog absolutely needs, in addition to food and love is exercise and plenty of it. Dogs can get fat and even obese if they don’t get enough exercise and this can lead to many heart related problems for them, so make sure to make your dog play outdoors a lot.