The Best Washing Machines

In this article we will be talking about some of the best washing machines available to us anywhere. We will be looking at a number of different features that new washing machines are offering us and we will discuss some of the pros and cons of these brand new appliance models. This article is supposed to help those people who are unsure or confused about what type of washing machine they should buy, and hopefully it helps you make a decision.

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Now the first washing machine we will be talking about is the LG FH495BDS2. This washing machine is considered to be the best one available for a large house hold or for people who like to do a lot of laundry in one go instead of doing small amounts of laundry over a period of time. The reason behind that is the fact that this washing machine can handle a lot of load at one point. It can carry about 12 kg worth of clothing at any one point and has spinners that move at a speed of a 1400. Added to that is the fact that this machine has features that let it clean a range of clothes from those that need rough scrubbing to those that require a gentle soak.

Another great washing machine is the Siemens WM14W447DN. This washing machine is an economical model and is ideal for people who are trying to leave a smaller mark on the environment and also for the people who are trying to reduce the electricity bill that they get at the end of the month.