Some Reasons to Hire a Bail Bond Agent

If you’re ever charged with some crime for which you’re awaiting trial, you could be detained in jail just so that you’re available for the day of your actual trial. If you’re very rich, then getting out of jail till the trial date isn’t too much of a problem. However, since most defendants don’t have access to that kind of bail money, having a bail bond agent on their side is the only viable option.

A bail bond is an agreement that the defendant signs, promising that they’ll be present on the day of their trial, otherwise they’ll have to pay a large sum of money. Since defendants can’t really afford to pay this money, they can simply keep their promise to stay out of jail. The only thing they end up paying for real is the percentage of the bond that they owe to the bond agent. You usually have to pay about 10% for bail bonds San Jose.

Being in jail isn’t something you get to laugh off after it’s over, it kind of sticks to your records. You might lose your job during the time you’re held in jail and they may not want to take you back even after your trial is cleared. Similarly, you can get kicked out of school and have really bad credit for the next couple of years. Bail bonds let you keep your life together while you’re waiting for a hearing.

All this is going to be very stressful for you and you may not be able to navigate through the process without a bail bond agent posting the bail for you, otherwise your bail might be rejected – there’s a reason why you hire them, right?