Protecting Tooth Enamel

It does not need to be said that oral health should be a very important aspect of overall body health and that bad oral health does lead to sickness in the rest of the body. This happens because the bacterium that builds up in the mouth can travel downwards to our body and cause a lot of sickness that can increase slowly over time. Other than just that, oral health issues, like jaw pains, bleeding gums, pain in the teeth and the gums, inability to eat anything too hot or cold, inability to chew anything at all, etc, can become a major inconvenience in your life. The pain caused from oral issues can lead to an inability to eat or even do any other type of work as it can become overwhelming. Many people who do not go to a dentist in this situation will end up becoming addicted to pain killers.

So to help you avoid any major problems like that, you should firstly go to a dentist on a regular basis and then secondly watch what you eat. The things you eat will have a huge impact on what your oral health is like. There are a lot of food items that weaken and break through the enamel and cause tooth decay or create an environment in which bacteria can survive really easily. Of those food items one big item is alcoholic beverages and substances. Alcohol is hard on your liver, but what many people do not know is that it is also hard on your mouth and teeth. Alcohol creates the perfect situation in your mouth for gum disease and oral bacterium formation. It also really weakens your tooth enamel and causes tooth decay. To learn more about this and other harmful foods you can visit the Mint St Dental clinic website.