Protect The Web!

While building a website might only require knowledge of programming languages and only some basic knowledge of SEO, maintaining it can be a harder task. There can be various attacks on the website by hackers trying to gain access to the back end of a WordPress agency. This is made possible due to wp-login.php as it provides external access to WordPress installations. The hacker is able to gain authentication and access to the WordPress Agency by making a very meek effort while it takes a lot of effort to build it up. Some investigation showed that the attackers were from many countries around the world such as Thailand, UK, Ukraine, etc.

There are a few ways to protect the website from such accesses. WordPress users usually fail to recognize the vulnerability associated with it. The usage of common usernames such as admin or administrator makes the website completely vulnerable. These accesses are made by frequently trying out more and more random usernames and passwords to get authentication. This can, however, be combated as a unique username and password cannot be guessed right? Using such usernames and passwords that can be easily judged is discouraged by web developers as they make the installations of the WordPress agency completely vulnerable to external accesses.

Another measure that helps in protecting the web from such external attacks is by building a two factor authentication system by using htpasswd-protection. The entire process of using this password generator is described in detail on By using this, the attacker will first have to come face to face with the two factor authentication before he goes on to trying his luck with wp-login.php. This is one hell of a plug in as it but can be protected using various other plug ins and authentications.