Personalised Australian Suspensions

There are two kinds of car drivers; those of us who like driving sleek vehicles such as sedans and sports cars that run nicely on smooth road and there are those of us who want big cars that they want to take for a spin on all kinds of terrain but the boring old road. There are many kinds of big cars with different uses; you have commercial trucks for heavy haulage and there are 4wD SUVs that are used both for heavy travel and recreation as well.

Because these vehicles are built to take a beating, they come with 4×4 driving options and suspension systems that let them take on most kinds of terrain. However, most of these stock suspensions have a limit to the amount of abuse they can take, like all stock car parts. This is why there’s such a huge industry for performance upgrades; cars are modular and you can swap out stock parts for specially made high performance kits.

When it comes to 4WD vehicles and the like, it’s almost necessary to swap out the suspension for a sturdier alternative; if you want to enjoy your vehicle to the full, that is. West Coast Suspension in Perth, Western Australia can help you out with this. They provide high quality suspensions for your vehicle to order, to maximise it’s off road performance. There are many kinds of suspension mods for many kinds of performance; some people use lift kits to raise the height of their vehicle and increase the ground clearance while others want a suspension that’s more durable. If you want to customise your suspension to the point where it can take Australian off road terrain, visit and see what they got for your vehicle.