Online Stream Movies While Utilizing Features of Websites

The attractive thing about the websites that provide online movie and TV show streaming is not only that they are free, the library of movies and TV shows is so vast that a person would not get bored easily and can browse through different categories for hours on end. When we think about such websites, 123 movies pop up in mind as it is an excellent website but we are here to discuss some amazing features that most of these websites offer that makes movie making more fun so let us talk about a few of the common features that are present on websites that allow free online streaming of movies and TV shows.


If you are ever unsure whether a movie or TV show is worth watching or not, you do not need to wonder anymore because there is a features that allows you to see the rating of the movie or TV show according to IMDb (it is possible that some websites have ratings of a different platform or website). This features easily saves your time as it will tell you which movies have been rated good or bad so you do not have to waste time on the poor rated ones.


Even if the rating is good, it is possible that you are still unsure whether you should watch the movie but you can get rid of your doubt by watching the trailer that is available on the website of whichever movie you want.


If you cannot understand the movie because of different reasons (hearing issues, foreign language etc.) then there is an option of subtitles that you can turn on but if you do not want them distracting you throughout the movie then you can just turn this feature off.