Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid on Windows 10

I believe after Windows XP, the Windows 10 is the biggest creation by Microsoft, and the best as well. The OS opened new gateways for people who were tired of Windows 8.1, and while the visuals did not change much in the beginning, Microsoft has been hard at work since the launch to make sure that they provide the best possible user experience.

After all, Microsoft does not plan on releasing another Window, they just want Windows 10 to become a standard, and then build on it going forward. Since we are on the topic of Windows, Windows Beginner is a great place to start if you are just getting into this wonderful operating system. In this article, however, the topic of discussion is some mistakes that you should avoid when using Windows 10.

Skipping Updates

I get it, I don’t like the Windows updates either, especially when I have something important to do but Windows wants to restart my computer so it can install the updates. However, I can tell you that these updates are important for the OS, and your PC as a whole. Remember the Spectre bug that plagued Intel processors? Yep, it was fixed using a Windows update. Always make sure you let the updates install.

Turning Off Windows Defender

Considering how it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to trust 3rd party antiviruses, it is better to just let Windows Defender handle everything. At first I thought it would be a gimmick just like Aero, but upon extensive use, I can tell that it is much better than what the market has to offer, and not only that, it does not take up unnecessary resources, and intervene your gaming sessions either. It just runs in the background and keeps a check.