Mental Illness: Why Every Person’s Struggle Matters

Until a century ago, mental illness was associated with the supernatural. It was said to be the effect of demonic possessions and people would be exorcised, tied up and kept in miserable conditions. When asylums came round, patients would still be subjected to unethical treatment measures and a lot of them would end up dying during their time in the asylum. The picture normally associated with mental illness was asylums, being beyond help, extremely unstable, dangerous and so on.

Thankfully the 20th Century saw a lot of changes in terms of how mental health was treated and looked into, and now the stigma and taboo around the topic has decreased immensely. However, a lot of people today, even with all this acceptance feel ashamed about going to a therapist, and a lot of people refuse to go because they feel like their issues isn’t that important.

We believe that only people with severe issues and traumas go to and are deserving of psychological treatment and care when that isn’t true. Every single person’s experience is just as valid and important. People who might be going through a rough patch or anxiety might feel like they are undeserving of treatment and their problem is incomparable to someone else’s struggle, be it a divorcee or a veteran etc. However, everyone’s subjective experience of their struggle holds the same weight as someone else’s. Which is why there shouldn’t be any shame to want to seek help for your struggle. The entire purpose of therapy is to help you feel like you have better control over yourself, physically, emotionally and cognitively. So, wanting to actively balance everything and be able to cope with situations is commendable. If you happen to be in need of a therapist, you can checkout InTouch & Motion psychotherapy for yourself.