Live at The Centre of Toronto

Anyone who has a thing for cities is bound to fall in love with Toronto as soon as they see the city, it is a picture perfect metropolis with skyscrapers and the iconic NC Tower that looms over everything in the city. Toronto has a superb city life to offer which keeps on getting better as you move closer to the city’s centre, there are already plenty of condo projects being worked on in order to provide people with prime living spaces as close to the city’s heart as possible.

You can find a great many popular condo projects there, a majority of which have been completely sold out, including the first tower of the E2 Condo project. Fortunately, the second phase of the renowned E2 tower is about to begin selling in October 2017, the tower is slated to be completed by 2021 and will have some of the finest amenities to offer. Being a collaboration between Metropia, RioCan and Bazis, this tower will be nothing short of art, a number of great architects and designers will be on the team to erect its grand lobby hall, theatre rooms and much more.

The location of E2 condo tower will be right next to a couple of other superb condos in the business district of Toronto, surrounded by a number of attractions and a great place for enjoying nightlife. For anyone who is interested in this project, registrations can be made on the project website, you can find plenty of information on the project from over there and if you do register in time then you will be informed of the tower’s platinum prices the moment sales begin. A good condo can provide you with one of the best city living experiences out there.