How Do You Choose an Electric Knife Sharpener?

If you have a manual knife sharpener then we are afraid that you are living in the past and the only way to move on is to purchase an electric knife sharpener and discard the old one. There are so many electric knife sharpeners in the market that sometimes it becomes hard to pick out the best knife sharpener which is why we are here to talk about the different features that you need to consider of the sharpener before you purchase it. We are going to talk about each feature and point in detail so that you can easily understand and follow it when the time for shopping comes.

Number of Blade Slots

When it comes to electric knife sharpeners, it is said that the more the number of blade slots, the better it is because it means more slots for different sorts of knives and it will also allow the user to sharpen the knife better and get the best cutting edge. The most common number is two i.e. the two stage sharpening system is considered to be the best one because when the knife goes through both of the stages, it comes out the sharpest it has ever been. In the first stage, the blade of the knife is ground against some sort of abrasive surface so that the dullness of the knife can be eliminated and in the second stage, the knife is sharpened perfectly.

Type of Knives

Purchase the electric knife sharpener according to the types of knives that you own. We will suggest that you buy an electric knife sharpener with many blade grooves as it would be made for sharpening different kinds of knives but make sure to inquire about it before you make the payment.