Gain Access to a Much More Open App Market

Android and Appleā€™s respective app stores are a great place to look for an endless variety of apps, they are extremely well managed, safe and also easy to use, but sticking to only these two app stores means that you are severely limiting your exposure to the vast number of apps available for use. Apps are what make smartphones versatile and useful and are therefore essential, there exist many third party app stores that are teeming with apps that are not accessible on stock app stores. Picking a third party app store to install on your phone is something that most people will be hesitant to do, and for good reason since not every app can be trusted.

However, there are a handful of apps that have been able to please users and have gained their trust by providing them with an exceptional user experience, Tutu app comes amongst the few third party stores that are worth browsing through. This Chinese app market is well known for being much more open than other app stores, its app library consists of numerous paid apps that have been cracked or hacked and can be used for free. Tutu is one of the best places to go to if you want to download modified and hacked apps without having to worry about viruses and cyber threats to your phone.

The best part is that Tutu is completely free and incredibly easy to install, it does not even require you to have your iPhone jailbroken, you can find a superb guide on how to install its APK on your android and iOS smartphone in mere minutes. Tutu is guaranteed to make you feel like your app using experience has been finally unchained, allowing you access to more content than ever before.