Few Simple Tips That Will Help You Have a Pleasant Trip in Goa

If you are a foreigner and have never visited India before then the culture and place would obviously new to you so let us help you get prepared so that you can have the best time on your trip to Goa.

Indian Visa

You can get an eVisa for India but not a visa on arrival or free entry visa but the only problem you might encounter is that the government website for the eVisa does not work that well so we would recommend that you ditch that and go for travel agencies.

Book a Room

You can go for Goa hotel booking and book a room in advance but it is not a necessity and according to the people who have stayed in Goa, it is always better to actually be there and get reviews from people who are already there and they would be able to point you to a great accommodation option most likely.

Travel in Goa

Once you get to Goa, we would suggest that you do not rely on taxis because it can cost quite a bit so you can either travel in Goa on foot but of course that would become exhausting after a while so you should rent a scooter and it would be pretty cheap and would allow you to go wherever you want.


Once the street vendors spot that you are a foreigner, they will quote crazy prices so you need to learn how to haggle and do it like your life depends on it and you will notice that you will get amazing things at a much lower price. We would strongly advise that you visit the flea markets of Goa because you would be able to find beautiful things there.