Everything You Need to Know Regarding The Braces Procedure

If you are feeling nervous regarding the trip to orthodontist for the purpose of getting the most perfect teeth, now is the time to get a laptop and sit down to a little bit of research regarding the topic of braces in order to keep your nervousness away. Of course being true to yourself will make sure that you are mentally prepared for all the things that are involved in the process of getting your braces. No matter the pain the end result it always worth it, so do keep that in mind. There are a lot of good orthodontists out there but if you want the best one for yourself then you should look up braces doctor Los Angeles. Following are some of the steps involved in the process of braces, check them out below.

Impressions And X-Rays
The first time you go to your orthodontist for the purpose of getting a consultation they would take impression of both upper and lower jaws and of course take an x-ray of them as well for the sake of dental records.

The next step would be of applying separators to molar teeth so that they have some space between them so that the process of banding can be done.

After several weeks when there is sufficient gap between the teeth your orthodontist will take out the separators and replace them with molar bands which will be placed for the entirety of the treatment.

After a week or two once your teeth have become comfortable with the molar bands now the process of bracketing will be done and once the brackets are stuck to your teeth they will move on to connect them with a wire now you will have monthly visits until all the teeth are perfectly aligned.