Everything You Need to Know About Grease Monkey Direct of The United Kingdom

Grease Monkey Direct is one of the growing garage supplies online store of the UK. However, their supplies and/or services are not only limited to catering the United Kingdom but they also provide free shipment throughout Europe and they even ship throughout the rest of the world.

Shipment And Free Shipment

Something you should know about this company in the UK is that they provide free shipment throughout UK for orders that are above 50 pounds, free shipment for all orders above 200 pounds for the European region and 40 pounds for orders anywhere else in the world.

Types of Inventory Available

At Grease Monkey Direct, you can different things to fill up all your needs, for example, automotive garage supplies, electrical supplies, workshop supplies, nuts & bolts, chemicals, assortments, safety equipment, tool kits etc.

Within each category, they have a vast range of wide variety available, so you can be rest assured about that.

More Than Just a Store

This website is more than just an online store. In fact, for every item available for sale from them, you can view it and you can check the price but most importantly, they have done a public service for you so that you can view the different details and specifications of the stuff you want to buy.

Look For Yourself

They have an extremely friendly staff. If you do not believe what I am saying, you can check out their website for your own and see how competitive their rates are. They even provide some discounts on items when you buy them in bulk.

Grease Money Direct is one of the best hardware, tool kits etc. shop out there on the internet which can resolve all your needs