Drive Legally And Safely in Phuket

Whenever you are visiting a foreign country, it is necessary that you equip yourself with information about their laws and regulations of every kind so that you do not get in any trouble and have a fun time there. Not only the rules are necessary to know, you should know how locals are in their daily life so that you do not do anything that would offend or disturb them, if you are going to their country, it is only fair that you behave correctly and it will also save you from trouble.

We are not here to inform you about the social norms of Phuket but we are here to tell you how to be safe and drive a scooter legally in Phuket. If you do not know much about Phuket then you probably would not know how to go about hiring so we suggest that you go here Phuket Motorbike Rental | Rent A Motorcycle In Phuket and ask away whatever questions you have and you can even hire a bike or car from there, depending upon your preference and budget. Now we will be focusing how you should drive a motorbike in Phuket so let us start.


It is absolutely necessary that you wear a helmet while driving at all costs. If you think that it would be okay to take off your helmet if it gets too hot and that you would get away with it then you should not because you would probably get caught and nothing is worth risking your safety so always wear a helmet.


This might seem like an obvious point but always have your passport and driving license with you and it is a good idea to carry the evidence of your health insurance too.