Downloading Mobile Games

We all love a good mobile phone game and the Geometry Dash games are no exception to this. In fact it could be said that the Geometry Dash games have brought a lot more people to playing mobile games because of the simplicity of game play yet the challenging nature of the puzzles and obstacles of the game itself. The Game has been very well received in most parts of the world and is considered one of the most addictive and one of the most downloaded mobile game applications of all time.

The Geometry Dash games have slowly evolved over the years to include newer features, customization abilities, and even a lot of new levels that people can enjoy after they are done playing the initial few levels provided. In fact the 2.1 APK file comes with a lot of new changes including 3 times the original number of playable official levels and a few million non official player made levels to play as well.

You will also find that the newer version has a different handling and control feature. It allows for multiple touch movement on a touch screen so the game play fluidity is a lot higher that it initially had been. You will also be able to have a lot of customization ability with the newer version of the game. If you want to start playing the game and always have it available you can always download the APK file of the game and use a game emulator for your android phone so that it can run the game on the phone as if it was a game console. If you do not want the game taking up too much space or using too much of your internet connection, you can download the Geometry Dash Lite version of the game too.