Double Security

These days most communication and information storage happens through computers and the internet. More specifically, through the email service providers we use such as Hotmail, which is now known as Outlook, we are able to navigate through the internet and gain access to various websites and information. Email Ids are a requirement to be fully able to use the internet and various websites as many require you to sign up using an email. On top of that the emails themselves contain a lot of our personal and professional information.

For many people their jobs now require someone to send information over the internet, even classified information can be transferred through private email services. What this does is that it leaves all of our information about both our private lives and our professional lives online and it could all be accessed by a hacker who tries to break in to your email account.

You need to have a way to secure your account. To help you make sure your account can be safe and trusted, Hotmail provides a number of ways in which you can add extra security to your account. They have the alternative login two step security. In this the first step of the login is you adding your email ID and your pass code to the website, after that is done you receive another message that will contain a code that is required for the log in to actually happen. This is the second step of verification. The message can be sent to you in one of three ways; it can be sent as a text to your phone number, it can send a message on the hotmail app on your phone, or it could even send an email on an alternate email ID that you have entered beforehand.