Difference Between Cigarettes And Vapes

Quite a lot of people end up thinking that cigarettes are bad, but vapes are just as bad as cigarettes. This is simply not true. While any person telling you that vapes and e cigarettes are completely fine is probably uninformed or lying, you should know that e cigarettes and vaping is definitely a lot safer than smoking cigarettes and in this article we will talk about why that is the case.  Please note that it also depends on which of the vaping brands of UK you use for the health benefits to apply.

So first of all, the tobacco, nicotine, and tar in a cigarette is so much worse than the vapor fluid and flavoring in the vapes and e cigarettes. The materials and chemicals in the cigarettes are much worse than the chemicals and fluids in the vapes at their most basic level. This is also why a lot of people use vapes and e cigarettes to stop smoking cigarettes. It helps them control the urge to have something in your hands and mouth at all times but does not give you the negative health affects that smoking cigarettes do. While there are a few questions about the safety of vapes and e cigarettes they are generally understood to be better than cigarettes.

The other major benefit is that the vapors from the e cigarettes and vapes do not really affect you the way smoke from cigarettes do. The smoke come from burning, which creates new chemicals that are added to the smoke. However, vapors are just gaseous versions of the same materials in the fluid. So the vapors that you smoke have no oxidized or additional chemicals in them and the only materials going in your body are government approved and safe.