Delete Your Data From Wherever You Are

Losing your smartphone can be a very traumatic experience to go through; this is because of two reasons, the first being that your smartphone didn’t come cheap and neither will the next one that you buy but the more concerning reason is that it contains a lot of your personal data. In fact, the first thing that anyone worries about when they lose their phone is everything that’s stored on it because they can always just buy a new phone later on.

Even if you’ve never lost a phone before in your life, it’s best to be prepared for such a thing to happen. Obviously, the first thing you should do is to make sure that you never have to lose your phone to begin with but if such a thing does happen, you’ll have to be able to delete all data stored on your phone before someone can break into it. Google allows you to do this from your computer if your phone is running Android Lollipop or any newer firmware after that.

To erase your data, you just have to log into Google and confirm your security details and your data will be erased whenever your phone is near an internet connection. However, for you to do this you need to remember all your details otherwise the FRP or Factory Reset Protection won’t recognise you as the phone’s true owner.

If this happens to you and you can’t remember your details, there’s still no need to panic, there’s a third party app called FRP bypass APK that you can download to factory reset your phone without having to fill in any details. You need FRP bypass APK download on your computer to bypass the FRP and delete that data before it falls into the wrong hands.