Decorative Fire Pits: Everything You Need to Know

Decorative fire places are all the rage nowadays. You could have one placed inside your living room in a fireplace, or you could have a fire pit placed out in your back yard in the middle of a seating arrangement. In either case it is a great and interestingly creative way to decorate your house. Now one problem a lot of people have with a fire pit is that it gives off too much smoke and the ash and soot left behind is very difficult to clean up once the fire has burnt through the wood. That problem is easily solved by shifting from using logs and pieces of dried wood to using fire glass instead.

Fire glass is exactly what it sounds like; pieces of glass that you can place in your fire pit and light a fire over. Now these pieces of glass do not burn themselves but are merely there to be placed over a gas fire pit to increase the vibrancy and the colour of the fire. These tempered glass pieces are a great for making your fireplace look elegant. Instead of black soot and burning ash, you will have fire dancing over colored pieces of glass that will in turn brighten up the fire.

Fire glass is available in multiple colours and in many different designs. Some people like to ask the questions, “what size fire glass should I use?” or “what shape should the fire glass be?” Well that really depends on them and what they prefer. Fire glass can be available to you in multiple polished shapes, like beads, zircon, or even just randomly shaped glass pieces,  and can be found in sizes that start at a quarter of an inch and go up to around 2 inches long.