Coping With That Which Haunts You

Sometimes when you’re walking down a busy street, you could be smiling to every passer-by and hold your head up like you know where you’re going in life. Everyone around you may perceive you as a self-actualised human being who knows their purpose in life and is content with it. However, they may not see the scars that stain your skin and the heaviness you harbour in your heart but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s there.

Sometimes, even at the end of the best of days, you lie awake at night wondering how you’d feel if there were some things that you just did differently. Maybe you remember that kid you used to bully 10 years ago and are now wondering how they’re doing in life; they might be doing good but your conscience will tell you that you ruined their life in some way. Don’t you wish you could just take back the wrong you did and make amends?

Feeling like this makes you feel like the whole world and even God himself is disappointed in you. These feelings can churn your heart if you can’t look past them but whatever regrets you harbour won’t just go away like that. You have to realise that the fact that you feel this way means that you’re a good person and that alone is enough for you to redeem yourself and feel like you’re close to God again. By reading insightful stories of overcoming regret and becoming a better human being by Jay Depoy, you’ll learn that you’re not alone and that you’re already on the path to becoming the self-actualised person you pretend to be for those around you. You can speak to counsellors if you want but the path to self-love is found by those who help themselves.