Choosing Your Roomba: A Guide

Our idea of the future, thanks to cartoons was that there would be jetpacks, flying cars, hover boards and whatnot. Of course none of them really came about to existence but at the same time, we also ended up with a lot of other things we couldn’t even fathom existing at the time, this includes smart phones, laptops, social media etc. However, one thing that kind of lived upto the promise are Roombas i.e. automated self-cleaning devices. So, we get a miniature robot of the sort that vacuums our house’s floors for us.

Roombas have been popular since their initial launch and now you will find that a number of other companies have also come out with their versions and models. So, if you want to get a Roomba for yourself, you are probably confused which one and type to go for, so we have assembled a quick guide to help you out.
• Always ask around people you know about their experience with their Roomba and the manufacturer for a better idea.

• You can also look up reviews of different companies and their models, or even different types of models from the same company as well. You can check for a comparison between the current two most popular models.

• The most expensive model is not necessarily the better model, similarly you cannot get the cheapest model and expect it to work just as well as the either ones.

• Always look up their specifications side-to-side to see what each model is offering that is different and better than the other and if the price difference between the worth is worth the specifications that are being offered.

• Find a Roomba that works best for your home i.e. if you mainly have a carpeted home, if you have pets, a lot of furniture or an intricate layout etc. You will find that there is something for everyone.