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  • Delete Your Data From Wherever You Are

    Losing your smartphone can be a very traumatic experience to go through; this is because of two reasons, the first being that your smartphone didn’t come cheap and neither will the next one that you buy but the more concerning reason is that it contains a lot of your personal data. In fact, the first thing that anyone worries about when they lose their phone is everything that’s stored on it because they can always just buy a new phone later on.

    Even if you’ve never lost a phone before in your life, it’s best to be prepared for such a thing to happen. Obviously, the first thing you should do is to make sure that you never have to lose your phone to begin with but if such a thing does happen, you’ll have to be able to delete all data stored on your phone before someone can break into it. Google allows you to do this from your computer if your phone is running Android Lollipop or any newer firmware after that.

    To erase your data, you just have to log into Google and confirm your security details and your data will be erased whenever your phone is near an internet connection. However, for you to do this you need to remember all your details otherwise the FRP or Factory Reset Protection won’t recognise you as the phone’s true owner.

    If this happens to you and you can’t remember your details, there’s still no need to panic, there’s a third party app called FRP bypass APK that you can download to factory reset your phone without having to fill in any details. You need FRP bypass APK download on your computer to bypass the FRP and delete that data before it falls into the wrong hands.

  • The Best Wi-Fi Router in The Market

    If you are looking for good Wi-Fi routers then you should look no further because we are here to talk about perhaps the best one and if you are an enthusiast of routers then you probably have heard about it because we are going to be talking about Linksys WRT1900ACS. According to various comments online, people who use this router claim that it is one of the best Wi-Fi routers they have ever owned due to its various great features and uses and the reason that we call it the best in the market is that you would be hard pressed to find a Wi-Fi router the same as it under such a great price. If you are not familiar with the model and are not so convinced about it so we will give you a Linksys WRT1900ACS review and by the end of it, we know that you would be rushing to buy one for your home and workplace.

    One of the most attractive features about the router is that the manufacturing company has doubled the RAM which is what everyone looks in a Wi-Fi router and in addition to that, the Wi-Fi speed is up to 1900 AC in this particular router which is an added bonus. Do you want a wired and a wireless router? Well, the Linksys WRT1900ACS can do both of those things. Another great feature is that it can be configured fully via IOS, Android app and even the web browser. The router has protocol 4 and 6 which guarantees that it will be at the top of the technology game for many years. If you would check out the specifications of the router, you would notice that it also has a great inspection firewall, WEP and WPA2.

  • Double Security

    These days most communication and information storage happens through computers and the internet. More specifically, through the email service providers we use such as Hotmail, which is now known as Outlook, we are able to navigate through the internet and gain access to various websites and information. Email Ids are a requirement to be fully able to use the internet and various websites as many require you to sign up using an email. On top of that the emails themselves contain a lot of our personal and professional information.

    For many people their jobs now require someone to send information over the internet, even classified information can be transferred through private email services. What this does is that it leaves all of our information about both our private lives and our professional lives online and it could all be accessed by a hacker who tries to break in to your email account.

    You need to have a way to secure your account. To help you make sure your account can be safe and trusted, Hotmail provides a number of ways in which you can add extra security to your account. They have the alternative login two step security. In this the first step of the login is you adding your email ID and your pass code to the website, after that is done you receive another message that will contain a code that is required for the log in to actually happen. This is the second step of verification. The message can be sent to you in one of three ways; it can be sent as a text to your phone number, it can send a message on the hotmail app on your phone, or it could even send an email on an alternate email ID that you have entered beforehand.

  • Factors to Take Into Consideration Before Shifting to Cloud Management Solutions

    When it comes to the changes in the trends of technology, especially in the field of IT there are a few factors that have played a major role in them and a few of them being that the employees have personally tried the cloud solution services and found them to be very useful and then recommended them to others at the office which leads most of them to use cloud and with that atmosphere and readiness to switch to the cloud the company has a little choice left but to grant the wishes of their employees who are more comfortable with that kind of technology, apart from that, there is another factor that has led people into changing to cloud management and that is of the increasingly competitive markets, in order to sell your product and service efficiently it is sometimes very necessary to be up to date.

    If you are looking for a reliable source or company that will provide you will cloud management solutions then you should consider looking at GurusSolutions website. However, before you shift you should take a look at some of the factors and consider them and then come to a conclusion.


    You need to check if the software of cloud solution that you are after offers you different ways of accessing it. Since everything has become mobile focused or at least one variant for mobile browsing is also available to you, you need to make sure that the cloud solution that you specifically want is malleable enough to have cloud management solutions as well.

    Is The Transition Easy?

    Another thing you need to consider is if the transition for your phone is easy enough. There is a lot at stake it your employees have a difficult time adapting to it.

  • Security Guard Patrol Monitoring

    Logging the patrol rounds through a scanner and RFID machine makes all the difference, it is not just useful for the management in keeping tabs on the activity of the security guard but once logged in the data automatically gets saved in either cloud or wand whatever type of system you have, this particular system is known as security guard tour system and it has become a very common feature especially among the top security companies, this can make all the difference for you, if you are looking for a security company which will provide 24/7 monitoring you might opt against a company which does not have this technology so if you are about to start your own security firm just make sure that you are competing with everyone by buying the right equipment and machineries.

    The security guard tour system is not new but alarm systems reduced the number of security guards that were required but people now have realized that nothing can replace the presence of a human being doing rounds every hour or so and that too being equipped with the right technology, and now the security alarm systems and the security guard tour system work like hand and glove.

    The best security guard checkpoint system provide you with the option to ID the guards so that the management not only is sure that someone is there present at the checkpoint but that actually know who the person is and the real time reporting does make it really easy for them to get in touch with that person if need be, if you are looking for a good security guard tour system and you have been overwhelmed with the number of options and deciding which one to buy is becoming more and more confusing then just visit

  • How to Increase Efficiency of Your Business By Using IVR Technology?

    A business whether it is small or large scale needs much more than just a manager and a few workers to operate. The more detailed and specialized the tasks are in organization the more the business owners would be able to yield for each investment and the more pride the workers would feel at what they do.

    In this decade we have seen many tasks and roles in organizations being automated and replaced physical labor that are susceptible to making mistakes and errors with robots and intelligent machines that are not capable of making faults. You must be wondering what exactly an IVR is? Well, it is more than likely that you already interacted with this technology when you called your internet provider to file a complaint or when ordering your favorite extra toppings pizza at the weekend. It is basically the recorded voice you hear on the phone whenever you call a company’s service center and it acts as a receptionist and directive that is available for you 24/7 in most cases.

    Interactive Voice Response has revolutionized the concept of catering customers’ need over the phone and it has proven for most entrepreneurs and managers to be personalized. You can record any type of greeting that might include your company’s mission statement so that you are also indirectly building up your brand image every time someone calls your service center.

    Human receptionists can get tired on busy working days when they are expected to receive call from hundreds of angry customers in a day and the buildup of stress and anxiety can cause them to make mistakes and blunders. This technology would be highly productive for your business and check out communications IVR system provided by Milsoft Utility Solutions.

  • USB Microscopes

    In this article today we are here to talk about USB microscopes as they are fast becoming popular between the students and the professionals. Before we move on to the main topic, we would first like to explain what a USB microscope is so that everyone can be on the same page. So a USB microscope is an essentially a webcam which can be attached to a computer through a USB port. It is a webcam because it is integrated with a macro lens which is high-powered and when it comes to light, it uses LED lights which are already built right beside to the lens so that it can illuminate whatever specimen you are viewing. The situation of the LED light allows the light to be reflected back from the specimen that illuminates it properly and does not cause any kind of disturbance and it gives a clear vision.

    If you wish to buy a USB microscope for interest, professional use or for study purposes then it is very necessary that you research about it before you actually get one. You can go read the best USB microscopes reviewed here or on any other websites and you can find those websites if you go on the internet. We always ask our readers to do their research thoroughly because microscopes are pretty technical stuff which an ordinary person will not be able to understand so it is better that you either read up online or when you go out to buy it then talk to the salesperson and tell him/her your preferences and needs.

    While purchasing the microscope, you should focus on its resolution and magnification. As the USB microscope is attached to the computer, the images that are taken by the camera can be directly uploaded to the monitor of the computer.

  • Gain Access to a Much More Open App Market

    Android and Apple’s respective app stores are a great place to look for an endless variety of apps, they are extremely well managed, safe and also easy to use, but sticking to only these two app stores means that you are severely limiting your exposure to the vast number of apps available for use. Apps are what make smartphones versatile and useful and are therefore essential, there exist many third party app stores that are teeming with apps that are not accessible on stock app stores. Picking a third party app store to install on your phone is something that most people will be hesitant to do, and for good reason since not every app can be trusted.

    However, there are a handful of apps that have been able to please users and have gained their trust by providing them with an exceptional user experience, Tutu app comes amongst the few third party stores that are worth browsing through. This Chinese app market is well known for being much more open than other app stores, its app library consists of numerous paid apps that have been cracked or hacked and can be used for free. Tutu is one of the best places to go to if you want to download modified and hacked apps without having to worry about viruses and cyber threats to your phone.

    The best part is that Tutu is completely free and incredibly easy to install, it does not even require you to have your iPhone jailbroken, you can find a superb guide on how to install its APK on your android and iOS smartphone in mere minutes. Tutu is guaranteed to make you feel like your app using experience has been finally unchained, allowing you access to more content than ever before.

  • Get 2017’s Best Video Streaming App

    While YouTube is a pretty solid online video app that is available on every smart device now, its library is quite limited and you can’t find any recent TV shows or movies over there. However, this does not mean that you can’t view such content on your smart device online, all you need is a decent video streaming app and a stable internet connection to turn your smartphone into a pocket sized TV. One of the best streaming apps so far in 2017 has been Mobodro; a highly intuitive and easy to use app that provides the perfect blend of features and UI design to provide a wholesome user experience.

    What makes Mobodro different from all the other streaming apps out there is that this app provides features of similar levels as paid or subscription based apps, for completely free, all you have to do is put up with occasional ads, which is not a bad trade off considering that you are getting free access to high quality entertainment. Getting Mobodro is pretty simple, and using it is even simpler, the only app that can currently be compared to Mobodro is Kodi, which is losing popularity due to being harder to use.

    The outcome of the Mobdro Kodi debate has pretty much become clear, you can obtain this app from its webpage where the latest APK is available along with easy to understand installation steps for android, apple or desktop computer users. Mobodro is one of the few apps that is designed to provide users with long term satisfaction, its developers are always working hard on keeping the app bug free and can even be contacted through the app’s website, you can also read more about the most popular streaming app of 2017 over there.

  • Don’t Want To End

    In this modern era where the internet can grant you access to information all over the world, going into the market looking for a gaming case for your decked-out rig takes considerably less time than before. Many sites like Cable Tech Talk have made insightful reviews pertaining to different gadgets and products available in the field of not only PC gaming, but many other technologically based products now and staying up to date to find out the latest stuff is a great way to stay informed. As for finding a good PC case for your rig, you’d want to find the best thing in your budget and CTT agrees.

    That’s why, in order to shorten the time you have to spend out in the market, you can check out a lot of reviews on the many websites out there just like Cable Tech Talks. This way, when you get down to doing the legwork and you meet with the many shopkeepers out there, you’ll have a much more informed decision and be able to catch out any sly sellers that are trying to cheat you out of the market price and into their own territory. Make the most of the widely available information at your fingertips so that you can go home with a fantastic budget PC gaming case with its own LED lights and built-in fans that can keep your fans cool.

    A lot of people won’t appreciate the specs and effort you put into building your rig and getting everything together if we’re just looking at the raw materials. So assembling them all together in a case that looks slick is going to catch the eyes of onlookers and is a much more likely way to be able to impress them about everything you’ve got going on.

  • Features of a Good Home Security System

    If you are looking for a home security system you would come across a number of options, there are basic home security system which do cover your home and there are advance home security system which provide added features and ensures much more safety, the selection must always be dependent on the requirement, if you feel that an advanced home security system is needed then you must go for it and not try to save money by buying a basic one, because if you yourself are not satisfied with the security system then there is no point in installing one, an advanced home security system has added features and some of the most prominent features along with the basic ones which are a control panel, keypad, siren, access monitors, the added features include things like

    Fire alarm: the smoke detectors installed work as an agent and automatically switch the siren on if needed, this may seem an option but every big house must always have a fire alarm because of obvious reasons.

    Motion detectors: these are some advanced level equipment which detect any movements and motions, this may not be necessary if you have a small house, but if you have a big house and have garden and everything then this should be installed.

    Glass break detectors: for intruders, windows is always the secondary option if they think that breaking in from the door is too risky, and glass break detectors help switch the siren on an alarm you if someone tries to break in from the window.

    If you are living in WA and you want to get one of the alarms or home security system installed then there aren’t many better options than Austguard security services WA, just log onto their website which is to get a quote.