Cannabis Basics For Beginners

With the rise of mental and emotional problems with people of all ages these days, it is easy to easy why everyone is either taking anti-depressant pills or consuming marijuana. People with no prior experience of weed consumption might look at it as just a high-inducing drug, but there is much more to it than just the change in current psychological state. Just because you know someone in your family consumes marijuana on weekly basis that does not necessarily mean he or she is a drug abuser. Everyone has to start somewhere and there are many reasons why you should not have a negative assumption about a pot smoker before being fully educated about this topic.

This anti-inflammatory drug can either be taken orally in the form of cookies or dried form or its more popular way of consumption is smoking the dried leaves which are taken from the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are the set of chemicals found in this drug which are responsible for inducing all the feelings of dizziness and altered mental state. The main cannabinoids are THC which is also known as tetrahydrocannbinol and CBD also known as cannabidiol. The latter chemical is a non-psychoactive element which is one of the main focus among the researchers who are studying cannabis and its effects on human health.

Mostly cannabis is used as a recreational drug but it is also recommended by surgeons and health experts to their patients to treat certain illness. Just like any other edible and drug, its high amount of consumption can lead to addiction which is why it also recommended to start off with small joints especially if you are a beginner. Glass bubblers are becoming very popular these days among marijuana newbies and for more information make sure to visit the website at