Can Automation Affect Your Job?

We all owe a lot to technology and each day it advances, it opens up a lot of possibilities for us but did you ever think that technology is harming us? We are talking about automation taking over the jobs of thousands of people and most of the public does not even seem to be aware of it.

If you go to this website, you would get a deep understanding about automation which will definitely benefit you in your career and life choices. We are here today to tell our readers how automation is negatively affecting the jobs of people around them.

Does Education Matter?

You are probably thinking that a person who passed his high school only would be at a much greater risk of losing his jobs but the truth is the opposite. According to a research done, people who have advanced degrees like doctoral or professional degree, associate’s degree or post-secondary certificate award, are a much higher risk of losing their jobs rather than people who have minimal qualifications. This raises the concern in minds of many that advanced education is of no use anymore if automation is going to reduce it to nothing.

Do Various Job Fields Make a Difference?

It is understandable that automation would affect some job fields more than others. According to a report done on this matter, there are some fields that would get absolutely crushed by automation and they are sales, transportation and material moving, office and administrative support, building and cleaning services and food preparation and serving.

Will Occupation Play a Part?

Sadly, people who hold positions of secretaries, office administrative staff, cashiers, food preparers and servers, clerks and retail salespeople would be ones that will be at most risk and would be negatively affected by automation.