An Integrated Approach To Your Wellness

Most fields of medicine only address specific parts of the body and focus on keeping them in shape, osteopathy however, takes a different approach, this field of medicine looks at the human body as a machine with numerous parts working in harmony. The basic principles of osteopathy were established by Andrew Taylor Still and provide effective treatments by thoroughly analysing the human body and seeing what kind of treatment can be made to help the body recover. Since osteopathy is related to the body’s neuromusculoskeletal structure, it is highly effective at providing long lasting treatments for all kinds of muscular and joint pains.

In order to practice osteopathy in Australia, one needs government certification, this ensures that only people who have extensively studied this field can start their own clinics in the country, Luke Ricard is one such person, a highly trained osteopath with over 16 years of experience in this field, he has two clinics in Sydney that provide superb osteopathic services.

Luke Ricards Osteopath takes an integrative approach to treating their patients, the very first step is to extensively diagnose the patient’s body, this is done by asking the patient various questions and going through all of their medical history. Once everything has been sorted out, the gathered information is used to come up with a suitable treatment program for the patient, one that focuses on helping the patient educate themselves about their problem so that they can eventually start treating themselves. This greatly speeds up the recovery process and also helps the patient maintain their body better and prevents them from suffering from similar injuries or problems in the future. Luke Ricard is perhaps the best osteopath Bondi has available, due to the fact that he dedicates himself to helping his patients out as much as he can.